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  • Welcome to the official CONVERGENCE 2012 website. If you'd like to learn more about the author you can click the button above named About C2012. It also has the story on how the story was conceived and written.

    The website will be a central repository of news and links. The regular updates will be on the Robert R. Ricks Blog, the Facebook Fan page, the Google+ page and Twitter. That's where most of the day to day updates will happen.

    There's been a lot of questions which have been sent in and we've decided to create a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section... Here we go.

    Q: What is Convergence 2012?
    A: It's a novel written by Robert R. Ricks which he wrote after a series of surreal dreams which wouldn't leave him alone.

    Q: Do you think what's in the book will come to pass?
    A: The story is a work of fiction. Rob isn't saying that what's in his book will come to pass, in fact he hopes nothing bad happens, as it would be pretty apocalyptic if it did!

    Q: Does he believe in Aliens and the Mayan prophecy?
    A: Yes, Rob believes in aliens and while the Mayan prophecy is interesting his personal belief is not all doom and gloom. He's pretty optimistic about the future.

    Q: Where did he come up with the names of the aliens? The Annukai spelling is really close to Anunnaki.
    A: Rob had the alien names in his head in the dreams. He has a theory that maybe he had heard it before and while writing it fit. There were many instances where things were discovered during the final edits.

    Q: Is this a one off novel or will there be more?
    A: CONVERGENCE 2012 is book one of a trilogy.

    Q: Is Rob available for guest signing or book tours?
    A: Yes, where his schedule permits. He's writing, designing and also a fulltime dad and husband... If you are interested in book tour, interviews, etc. please forward all requests to RAIMAZ PUBLISHING.

    Q: With the title CONVERGENCE 2012 aren't you worried about the story being dated?
    A: No, once the trilogy is done it will all make sense.

    Q: Some of the language in the book is pretty harsh. Why didn't he edit it down to make it more PG13?
    A: Rob really REALLY likes to "keep things real" and the language is reflective of this. He doesn't like to sugar coat things and he realizes that he may not get as much coverage because of the language but that doesn't seem to bother him.


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